Buduse [b. 5 January 1985] is a Pregnancy and Vore Scalie artist from Mexico, his OC Is a black-torsoed, white-bellied, red-eyed male anthro scalie.


Most of buduses characters are girls each with special abilities, styles, and talent.

Buduse Black White Scales Male
Ruky Blue White Scales Female
Vudy Orange White Fur Female
Guilmona Red White Scales Female
Zitta Purple Yellow Scales Female
Akelmona Grey White Fur Female
Guila Red White Scales Female
Louie Blue White Scales Male
Kermit Green White Scales Female
Guitil Navy Blue Navy Blue Scales Female

All known buduse characters excluding Buduse, Ruky, Vudy, & Guitil

Some characters are detailed differentally to other peoples oc's and are virtually equivelant to many of buduses friends (e.g. Zitta is based upon Zearo8)

The first ever character he created was Guilmona, named after 'Guilmon' based upon the scalie character from the hit anime Digimon

His most popular of all oc's is Zitta, mother of Guila, Guitil and Louie, Sister of Akelmona, and Daughter of Guilmona.

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