C. P. Mesovoka Mii

Birthday: 1 July 1970 Birthplace: Plymouth, UK Wife: Karen Martella Children: Ben, Edward, Harry

Christopher Paul Vatvagøgna (b. 1 July 1970) is an animator and filmmaker, He won 3 BAFTAS and all his films are translated in 30 languages, The first known film he virtually done was 1997's Moa, but in 2001 he completed his family comedy-drama Candyman.







1997 Moa No Yes No
1998 Unit No No Yes
2000 Ristar No No Yes
2001 Candyman Yes Yes Yes
2002 Full Moon No Yes No
2003 1883 Yes No Yes
2003 Christmas Carol Yes No Yes
2004 Thumbelina Yes No Yes
2005 David Copperfield Yes Yes Yes
2006 Furniture Yes No No
2007 Deserthouse No No Yes
2007 Estuary Patrol No No Yes
2009 Oak Hill No Yes Yes
2010 Galaxy Frog Yes Yes No
2011 Etcetera: Tiny Girl Yes Yes Yes
2011 Snow Queen Yes No Yes
2012 Music Maker Yes No Yes