Helium Entertainment (Opened 1993) Is Brass' sophisticated and detailed movie studio held in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. The Founder, Eugene Fordwich

opened Helium the exact same day Brass was born, Alongside his 3 friends, Stefan Ahlin, J. Losen Piertweig, & Brittany Lord they create popular classic family

comedies that have top-grossing records all nominated BAFTA's and Oscars!


Helium is normally known for his films, most of them winning BAFTA's for best Musical Comedy.

Fantasy Gallaphre 1996 Eugene Fordwich PG 123
Lardguts 1997 J. Losen Piertweig U 107
Fantasy Gallaphre II 1999 Eugene Fordwich PG 124
Airburst 2000 Eugene Fordwich U 132
Vib Ribbon 2001 Stefan Ahlin U 111
Fantasy Gallaphre III 2002 Eugene Fordwich PG 132
Planet Gluttony 2003 Brittany Lord PG 105
Marvel Gecko 2004 Stefan Ahlin PG 120
Planet Gluttony 2 2006 Brittany Lord PG 109
John's Ghost 2007 J. Losen Piertweig PG 111
Pete's Dragon 2009 Eugene Fordwich PG 105
Bizzare Triplets 2011 Eugene Fordwich PG 120
The Moomins 2012 Eugene Fordwich ??? ???
Land Before Time 2012 ??? ??? ???