Leinoti (b. 15 March 1993, pronounced Lay-Nor-Tee) is an inflation artist. His oc is a white and blue anthro dragon with four transformations, An Orca, A Typhlosion, A Lugia, And a piranha. He lives in Finland.

Known OCs:

Ekkusugon - The First ever image he done on DeviantART

Ekkusuchan - Ekkusugon's Wife

Ekkusutte - Ekkusugon's Child

Orcaboru - His Whale friend

Yamoricko - His Gecko friend

Kaisukero - The biggest of his ocs, his belly is very fun

Tobasuchan - His Pokemon OC

Kaenkeru - His other Pokemon OC

Wanitsume - His Shark friend