Unit (1998) is a theatrical film nominated 2 BAFTAS at the 1999 BAFTA Awards. It follows a story of a little girl named 'Karen' who drowns in a river but survives, but suddenly gets most of her body parts replaced by mechanical objects that make her devious and uncontrollable, as the yeasrs pass she becomes evil and dispairs everything, nd now her boyfriend 'Lenny' must regain the love of her.


Karen - Caroline Mallinson

Lenny - Justus Price

Yunas - Newton Adamski

Phi - Jansson Børtan

Tommy - Oliviero Talamigani

Grandma - Georgia Quixote

Mr. Lodpars - Martin Woolley

Dir. : Christopher Mesovoka

Yr. : 1998/9

Music : George Gamers